• Laps Better
  • A good design is useless if they do not lap with one another perfectly. At Rocksters all our various profiles take into consideration the lapping of the sheets. Thus the panels which interlock to create its attractive look ensure a weather tight seal and have a deep groove to guarantee against leakages.

  • Strong Design & Heavier Base Metal
  • Materials used are manufactured to higher standards and their superior thickness makes extremely strong panels. This prevents rippling during the construction process and adds considerable durability to your building.

  • Enhanced Primer
  • To protect the color coated sheets against fading and peeling, the color coating process consists of the application of different layers of protective paint applied through a heating process at each stage to ensure the highest standard of quality materials are produced. This is used to add additional protection to the sheets.

  • Durable
  • Cracks allow moisture which is often contaminated by atmospheric pollutants to penetrate the protective surface of the coating and causes the substrate to corrode. In fact, the fractures in the paint can cause a painted roof to corrode faster than an unpainted roof. Applying the color coating at a higher temperature helps prevent cracking at the ends of the sheets and thus makes Rocksters AD 1 color coated sheets more durable.


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