• No Direct Nailing
  • The self loc profile, a technology that avoids the use of nails are installed together using internationally accepted and durable machine installed clips that makes any form of problem associated with negligence on the part of the carpenters impossible. It is therefore well insured against leakages caused by improper nailing on the part of carpenters.

  • Wind Resistant
  • With a base metal of heavy steel as well as proper installation method, the self loc sheets are well guarded against repairs or installations due to wind damage or storms as properly installed pre painted metal does not absorb water or moisture which damage most other roofing material by rotting or cracking them.

  • Better Lapping
  • The panels which interlock to create its attractive look ensure a weather tight seal and have a deep anti siphon groove to guarantee protection against leakages.

  • Aesthetically Enhanced
  • Quality and beauty shine on a roof covered with Rocksters self loc roofing sheet as it comes in various attractive colors .It is weather resistant, long lasting and guaranteed maintenance free as well as appealing to the eye.

    cost saving.


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